Wreckreational Destruction. Anytime, Anywhere.

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Ever Just Wanted to Break Sh*t?

Now you can. And unlike other recreational destruction companies, we bring the fun to you. We collect free recyclable items and offer the opportunity for event attendees to smash them inside of our safety focused cage with various destruction tools. Once the event is complete, all of our items are responsibly recycled with the help of local recycling businesses. Smash some glass, splinter a printer, or obliterate a plate and you’ll never go back to renting a bouncy castle again. Our one-of-a-kind cage is a unique complement to your next fundraiser or social gathering. If you want it to be a smashing success, let’s get in contact.

What We Provide

  • A safety-proven cage so you can let out all your rage
  • Bountiful amounts of smashable items
  • Badass tools for optimal destruction
  • Safety equipment to prevent injury
  • Customizable themes to cater to your needs

What We Need

  • A location big enough for our 10′ x 10′ cage
  • A group of people with some attitude that want to smash the living crap¬†out of some stuff.

Prices vary depending on group size, location, and time. We have worked with groups on philanthropy events and have the flexibility to make an event work for your organization! Contact us below and let’s work something out.

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