About Us

One fateful day in October of 2017, the seven of us University of Minnesota student entrepreneurs hit a dead end when trying to run with a new application idea. The pent-up anger and frustration began to boil over and that’s when the idea hit us. Wouldn’t it be fun to channel this post-teenage angst and go break a bunch of old junk? That’s when we decided to throw convention out the window and pursue an idea that goes beyond the conventional product or service, and the SmashIt experience was born. Regardless of age, group size, or function we aspire to create the most entertaining experience possible for our customers at every event.

Cody Metz, CEO

Jake Laeupple, CFO

Mat Zniewski, CMO


Catherin Byrne, CLO

Collin Frederick, COO (right)

Yuki Yagi, CHRO

George Berg, CSO